Updating facebook status constantly

20-Sep-2018 20:27

The Facebook ad platform provides some of the most cost effective and precise demographic and behavioral targeting out of any marketing platform whether it’s traditional or digital (which is why the company has a market capitalization of billionsn).Since many agents do not leverage Facebook’s fantastic ad platform, there’s a clear opportunity for agents willing to learn to gain a competitive advantage on their local competition, which is still stuck implementing old-school traditional marketing strategies.Postcards, flyers, and local community papers are still standard tactics for creating awareness.But traditional real estate marketing will be far more effective if it’s integrated with online tactics.Download A PDF Copy of This Post Not sure if you want to do it on your own? Read another related post on how to use Facebook Live video for realtors to further distance yourself from your competitors, and why you should stop using boosted posts now.Twitter and Facebook are arguably the largest two social networks.

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Two of the broad areas include Interests, and Behaviors, which then can be further segmented geographically (among many other segmentation variables).While it’s great to target people who are “Likely to move,” you can further focus the ad spend on consumers with additional variables to cut even more waste out of the ad spend – how about selecting on HHI?