Muslim women dating

11-Sep-2017 16:57

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dating azdg in hu

I also write about interfaith marriage and my very lovely, often comedic, life with my husband “Bob”.

I am a British born, Pakistani, Muslim woman and, if you are anything like me, you will know that these are three incredibly complex states of being to juggle in unison and, short of one being a multi-limbed octopus lady, can rarely be satisfied fully at one time.

Well, thanks for tuning in folks, you may now unbuckle your seatbelts and go about your day.

Next time we shall be tackling Conundrum the Second- So, I’m Ok with dating, now what?

As Muslims, we don’t tend to come from a dating culture so, if you are quite liberal and want to explore western conventions whilst still respecting your roots, there isn’t really a right and wrong here.

Whether you are first or second generation British or just have traditional parents, guess what?

Dating does not have to mean sleeping around, nor does it mean you are going to Hell for exploring your options.

Modern women don’t appreciate attention and efforts which you make? As fast as possible you can find a person you need and enjoy pleasant communication.… continue reading »

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