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30-Apr-2018 00:10

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Just after 11am on Tuesday, Maddison emerged from the hide-out and sprayed shots at waiting police officers at a property in Gatton, an hour west of Brisbane.'As far as I know, a couple of guys broke out of a jail and they've shot a police officer on the front lawn,' one man told 9 News.'I had to go pick up the kids because the wife couldn't get out, I was at work.''This guy they are after, he has got serious history,' Queensland Police Union CEO Ian Leavers told Nine on Tuesday, without going into details.Local Peter Hills, whose daughter, 5, and wife were both behind the police line, said he felt 'utter relief' knowing the gun-crazy man had been shot dead.'Justice is done. I will not lose any sleep at all over it tonight, I'll sleep really good,' he told Daily Mail Australia on Tuesday.

Mr Hills said it was the right outcome 'for once' given Maddison won't have to go to jail or go to court.'My thoughts are with the family, friends and colleagues of the Queensland Police Service officer who was tragically killed this afternoon while doing his job selflessly serving the people of Queensland,' Mr Ryan said.'Along with millions of Queenslanders, I pay tribute to his service. With honour, he served.' 'Every five minutes there's gunfire.