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It is organised as a foundation, with a board of directors and a board of supervisors. LKCA is for everyone who is committed to education and participation in culture and the arts, both within the education system and beyond.

Anyone working in or involved with these sectors can benefit from the expertise and opportunities for active knowledge exchange that LKCA offers.

LKCA is committed to: LKCA regularly organises conferences and network meetings on specific topics and brings professionals, policy makers and administrators into contact with each other.

These meetings are publicised through a number of channels, most notably the events calendar and the LKCA newsletter.

I dated (often) but I can't tell you the number of times I squirmed in that makeup chair as one of those sweet girls said, "So, who are you dating? When I confessed to other people — to friends, to other so-called relationship experts, or even to the makeup artists themselves — that I felt like a sham, I was almost always told the same thing: Don't worry about it. Besides, would someone who'd met the love of her life at 18 and had nothing but years of wedded bliss be able to counsel the lovelorn, the confused and broken-hearted?

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I'd have my makeup done by bright, sunny women, most of whom were married — while I remained primarily single. " I was the one who was about to be televised, lending my so-called expertise to the topic of relationships, but really, I wanted to ask them how they did it.

If making mistakes and attempting to learn from them and then continuing to try in the face of that makes me an expert, then I've more than earned my stripes.

LKCA is located in Utrecht and employs 66 people (48 FTEs).

And I've often thought that the kind of writing I do — exploratory, analytical work that could be classified as narcissistic navel gazing — is pretty close to psychoanalysis. I eventually earned something called an Associate in Sex Education Certificate from a school called the Institute for Advanced Study of Human Sexuality in San Francisco.

Besides, friends and family members always told me they thought I'd be a great shrink. But the class mostly involved watching DVDs of ‘70s-era hippy types talking about masturbation.

Since I published my first story in Playboy, I've been regarded as a sex, dating and relationship expert.