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03-Oct-2018 03:58

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When you reach at 50 you enter into a different fashion world altogether so its better to stay in your world.If you look around you will notice numerous looks you can try even at this stage of life.Also, when you do this, make sure it is not mere lip service, but let it be obvious that you genuinely would prefer to hear him or her tell you about it, than to believe something negative in your mind. Happy Marriage Tip #2: Taking time and putting in a little extra effort to do more than your spouse requested and expects, more often than not, meets some of his needs or her needs that were unspoken.By doing this, you are meeting one of his needs, her needs, which is to be heard out. Say for instance, guys, your wife asks you to help her with the dishes one evening, and you went ahead to wipe down the counters and stove as well or ladies, your husband asks you to help him with the packing of his luggage for a business trip, and you went ahead to slip in a love note with a spritz of your perfume.If time permits why not mix a match, play with your looks a little.Do not try to compete with a 18-20 year old girl who tries weird stuff all the time.Keep in mind that it’s all about visualizing yourself and feeling young at heart.It’s a no-brainier that fashion trends change with time and they cater to different needs, age group and people.

Just imagine how it would feel if you were at the receiving end, or if "acts of service" is his or her primary love language.

Always keep in mind that there is a little girl hidden in every woman, so stay cool and keep looking stylish and trendy even after 50.

Eyeliner is very feminine and you should use it often.

Happy Marriage Tip #1: If your partner does something that offends you, such as, break their promise to take you out on a date, stayed out too late, you noticed them conversing for quite a long time with some lady or man, was suppose to help you with some task, but didn't or simply didn't do something they gave their word on, and you are yet to hear his or her explanation for your observation, do not conclude on something negative, but give him or her the benefit of the doubt to explain their reasons.

When your mate notices that you would always hear them out first, without running into conclusions with a grumpy story, they will be more forthcoming with the story or reasons and do so more relaxed, knowing you haven't told yourself a negative story about the situation.Alternatively, you can also wear neutral colors to cheat the lip line.

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