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For distinguished service to the air force as Commander of the Integrated Area Defence System and Deputy Chief of Air Force.

Professor Paul Charles DAVIES, Glenning Valley, NSW.

For service to science, particularly the disciplines of physics, cosmology and astrobiology, as an educator, author and public commentator. For service to science through research and teaching in the areas of palaeoclimate studies, salination and climate change, and through the initiation and support of international scientific collaboration. For service to business and commerce, particularly in the areas of public relations and annual reporting, and to the community through charitable organisations. For service to the Islamic and Turkish communities, particularly through the establishment of educational facilities and settlement programs for migrants, and to the promotion of interfaith dialogue. For service to the community through the development of leukaemia support foundations, to philanthropic and church organisations, and to business and commerce. For service to public health in the field of communicable disease control, particularly through international humanitarian aid programs. For service to education, particularly through contributions to social and cultural education curriculum development and implementation in NSW schools, and to the community of the Bouddi Peninsula area.

MEMBER (AM) IN THE GENERAL DIVISION Councillor Barbara Helen ABLEY, Newtown, Vic.

For service to local government and regional development, particularly through the Geelong Region Alliance, and to the community through a range of aged care, disability, health and service organisations. For service to urban design, town planning and architecture through the implementation of programs, projects and policies that have transformed the City of Melbourne. For service to the community through a range of roles with Rotary and to sporting organisations in coaching and administrative roles. For service to the Italian community through a range of church, welfare, aged care and arts organisations, and to multicultural and migrant assistance programs. For service to the community through advisory roles with major cultural organisations and philanthropic support for health, education and art organisations. For service to library and information management, particularly through the integration and management of new and evolving resources available in university libraries, and executive roles with a range of professional associations. For service to workforce training and development in the construction and property services sector, to the real estate profession, and to the community. For service to the building and construction industry through the improvement of training programs for apprentices and trainees in the industry in Queensland, and through executive roles with a range of organisations. For service to psychiatry and to the community through research and the development of intervention programs and services in the areas of infant, child, adolescent and maternal mental health and wellbeing, and to professional organisations. For service to medicine, particularly through the development and maintenance of public sector pathology services and the provision of expert advice to a range of health organisations, and to medical research and education. For service to the community through a range of roles with organisations that support people with cancer, particularly Breast Cancer Network Australia. For service to medicine through the advancement of medical ethics and professional standards of training and practice and to the specialty of gastroenterology as a clinician and teacher. For service to the Australian Parliament, particularly in the area of transport policy, to the community of the Hunter region through local government, heritage and sporting organisations, and to economics education. For service to education through the Invergowrie Foundation, the Council of International Schools, and as principal of Strathcona Baptist Girls' Grammar School. For service to commerce and industry in NSW through the management and reform of government business enterprises, and to the community through the Christian Brethren Church. For service to medicine in the field of dermatology, particularly through the establishment of the Skin and Cancer Foundation, and to the Australasian College of Dermatologists. For service to the legal profession and to the community through significant contributions to the early development of family law, women's legal rights and the role of women in the law. For service to the legal profession and business, particularly through the development of national law firms and encouraging corporate involvement in community programs. For service to the Australian Parliament and to the community through a range of cultural and environmental roles and contributions to public discussion and debate. For service to business in the areas of property consultancy and development and to the community of South Australia through contributions to a range of infrastructure, tourism and sporting organisations. For service to secondary education, particularly through contributions to scholarship, research and policy development in the areas of curriculum, educational testing, and standards based assessment. For service to the international community through strategic research and analysis of economic, social, political, security and environmental conditions to assist decision-making agencies. For service to the agricultural sector, particularly the fruit-growing and processing industries, and to the community of the Goulburn Valley.


For distinguished service as the Director of Strategic Operations for the Multi-National Force, Iraq. For distinguished service to the Australian Defence Force in senior command and staff appointments.

For service to the legal profession, to law reform in relation to insolvency and the protection of creditor rights, and to the community. For service to the development of the financial planning industry through the establishment of national organisations and training and educational programs, and as a mentor to women in the finance industry. For service to youth, particularly through leadership roles in the development of the Scouting movement in NSW. For service to medicine in the areas of clinical oncology and research, to medical education and training, and through governance and leadership roles within professional organisations. For service to the law, particularly in the areas of cultural and intellectual property rights, to film and performing arts organisations, and to a range of media industry associations. For service to medicine, particularly in the area of spinal surgery as a clinician, to medical education and research, and through contributions to a range of professional organisations. For service to the real estate industry through a range of executive roles with professional organisations, to the development of international relationships with property sector representatives, and to the community of Perth. For service in the field of neuropsychology as a researcher and educator, to the development of professional standards in psychology teaching and practice, and as an advocate for people with a brain injury. For service to science, particularly as a researcher in the area of polymer chemistry, through contributions to the development of new applications for biomedical and degradable plastics, and to the administration and promotion of science education. For service to people with an intellectual disability, particularly through executive roles with the Inala school; to the accountancy profession; and to education and youth organisations. For service to literature as an author and as an advocate for the development of literacy and learning in schools, as a mentor to young writers, and through a range of executive roles with professional literary organisations. For service to education, particularly through contributions to tertiary, adult and community education, to the professional development of people working with youth, and to the Catholic Church in Australia. For service to the community as a philanthropist supporting charitable organisations, educational institutions and business ethics programs, and to the accountancy profession. For service to the community through fundraising and executive roles to support the rehabilitation programs of the Odyssey House Mc Grath Foundation. For service to the community, particularly through leadership roles with Mission Australia and fundraising with Variety, The Children's Charity, and to the finance and insurance sectors.

Emeritus Professor Peter Le Poer DARVALL, Fairfield, Vic.

1913 Massacre 8 Days of Channukah Abdul-A-Bul-Bul-Amir Abe Lincoln Went to Washington Abilene Abolitionist Hymn Absalom (round) Abstract Intellectual Thought Acres of Apples Across the Rocky Mountain Across the Western Ocean Adam and Eve Adam Catched Eve (round) Adam Gorman Adam in the Garden Pinning Leaves Adieu Madras Adieu to Bon County Admiral and Enlisted Men Admiral Benbow Advice to the Lovelorn Ae Fond Kiss Afghanistan (Moscow Nights 2) After the Ball After the Ball (Dismantled Bride) After the Strike Aged Pilot Man Aghadoe Agincourt Carole Aikendrum Aiken Drum Aiken Drum (Willie Wood) Aint Gonna Grieve My Lord No More Aint It Great to Be Crazy Ain No Mo Cane on de Brazis Air Corps Lament Air Force 801 Air Scouts Song Alabamas Crew Alabama Bound Alan Bane Alberta Alberta Homesteader Albertina (Skonnert Albertina) Alcoholics Anthem Alice B Alleluia Alley Croaker [Alicia Crocker] All Are Talking of Utah All Around My Hat (I Will Wear the Green Willow) All Around My Hat (Parody) All Hail to the Days All in and Down and Out Blues All I Want is a Handsome Man or Ripest Apples All Quiet Along the Potomac All the Good Times Are Past and Gone All the Pretty Little Horses All the World is Desolation All Things Are Quite Silent All Things Bright and Beautiful All Things Dull and Ugly All Through the Ale All Through the Night All Through the Rain and Squally Weather All Under the New Mown Hay Alouette Altered Altoona Freight Wreck Amang the Trees Amazing Grace Amazing Grass Amazing Press American Woods America (Tis of Thee) Among the Blue Flowers and the Yellow Amtrak Song Am I the Doctor I Analization Ancient and Old Irish Condom Andrew Barton Andrew Marteen Andrew Rose Andrew Ross (Andrew Rose) Andro and His Cutty Gun Andy Bardan Angels From the Realms of Glory Angels We Have Heard on High Angel Band Animal Fair Annachie Gordon Anna Thea Anne Cooper Hewitt Annie Breen Annie Laurie Another Fall of Rain Answer to Weeping Willow Anti-Garden Song An Acre of Land An Election Shanty An Irishmans Epistle to the Officers and Troops at Boston An Irishmans Shanty Apprentice Song Aragon Mill Arans Lonely Home Ard Tack Arkansas Boys Arkansas Traveler Army Bean Army Bugs Army of the Free Around Cape Horn Around the Corner Arranmore Boat Song Arsenic Tragedy Arthur and Mollee Arthur Mc Bride ASCAP Song Ashland Tragedy (III) Ash Grove Asteroid Light Astrologer As I Came in By Fisherrow As I Roved Out As I Walked Out As I Was Out Riding As I Went Down to Port Jervis As I Went Out Ae May Morning As I Went Out for a Ramble As Sylvie Was Walking Atrocity Song At the Boarding House At the Foot of Yonder Mountain Auctioneer Auld Lang Syne Auld Man and the Churnstaff Auld Wife Aunt Rhody Aupres de Ma Blonde Aura Lee Aussie Twelve Days of Xmas Australian Jingle Bells Australias on the Wallaby Automation Avington Pond Avondale Avondale Disaster Avondale Mine Disaster Away in a Manger Away to Wisconsin Away With Rum Awa Whigs Awa Aye Wakin Oh A War Song Babes in the Wood Babe of Bethlehem Babies in the Mill Babylon is Fallen Babylon is Falling Backwoodsman Back and Side Go Bare Back Home in Derry Back on the Street Again Back Water Blues Bacon on the Rind Badger Drive Bad Brahma Bull Baggage Coach Ahead Bailiffs Daughter of Islington Balaclava Baldheaded End of the Broom Bald General Coote Ballad of 5.60 Ballad of 578 Ballad of Accounting Ballad of Aimee Mc Pherson Ballad of Bill Brakefield Ballad of Compensation Ballad of Cords Ballad of Erica Levine Ballad of F. R Ballad of John Mac Lean Ballad of Lewis Mills Ballad of Lydia Pinkham Ballad of Mae Wests Bust Ballad of Richard III Ballad of the Co Van My Ballad of the Triangle Fire Ballad of William Bloat Ballinderry Balls of OLeary Ballybay Ballynure Ballad Ball of Kerriemuir (Ballynore) Balm in Gilead Baltimore Fire Banchorys Lands Band o Shearers Band Played on Band Played Waltzing Matilda Bankers and the Diplomats Banks Are Made of Marble Banks of Allan Water Banks of Champlain Banks of Green Willow Banks of Inverary Banks of My Own Lovely Lee Banks of Newfoundland Banks of Sicily Banks of Skene Banks of Sullane Banks of Sweet Dundee Banks of Sweet Loch Ray Banks of the Bann Banks of the Condamine Banks of the Dee Banks of the Don Banks of the Gaspereaux (2) Banks of the Little Eau Pleine Banks of the Nile Banks of the Ohio Banks of the Pleasant Ohio Banks of the Roses) Banks of the Sacramento Banks of the Sweet Primroses Banks of Yarrow (4) Banks o Doon Bantry Girls Lament Barbara Allen Barbaree Bard Bard of Armagh Barefoot Boy Bark Gay Head Barley and the Rye Barley Raking Barney and Katie Barns o Beneuches Barnyards of Delgaty Baron o Brackley Barretts Privateers Barring of the Door Barrymore Tithe Victory Baskete2 Eggs and Bacon Batson Battlers Ballad Battleship of Maine Battle Cry of Freedom Battle Hymn of the New Socialist Party Battle Hymn of the Republic Battle of Alma (Heights of Alma ) Battle of Granard Battle of Harlaw Battle of Hastings Battle of Jericho Battle of Loudon Hill Battle of New Orleans Battle of Otterburn Battle of Sherra-Moor Battle of Shiloh Battle of Shiloh Hill Battle of the Kegs Battle of the Nile Battle of the Windmill Battle of Vicksburg Bawbee Allan Bayou Sara Bay of Biscay-O Bay of Fundy Bear Went Over the Mountain Beautiful Dreamer Beautiful Isle of Somewhere Beautiful Rose Beaver Dam Road Beaver Island Boys Because He Was Only a Tramp Bedlam Boys Bedmaking Bed of Roses Bee-Hive Beer Barrel Polka Before I Met You Before They Close the Minstrel Show Beggarmans Song (Johnny Dhu) Beggarman (3) Beggar Laddie Beggar Man (4) Begging Song Behold With Joy Bellaghy Fair Belle Starr Bellmans Song (The Moon Shone Bright) Bells of Aberdovey Bells of Hell Bells of Rhymney Bells of St Marys Bell Bottom Trousers Bell Ringing Bendemeers Stream Benjamin Bowmaneer Benjamin Dean Benjie Met the Bear Ben Hall Besom Maker Bessie of Ballydubray Bessy Bell and Mary Gray Betsy Betty and Dupree Betty Anne Beware O Bonie Ann Be Kind to Belfast Be Moderate Bheir Me O Biglers Crew Big Band Theory Big Black Bull (Sam Houston) Big Combine Big Muddy Big Rock Candy Mountain Big Stone Jar Billy Boy Billy Grimes Billy Taylor Billy the Kid Billy Vanero Bill Bailey Bill Gates Bill Grogans Goat Bill Martin and Ella Speed Bill Vanero Bingo Bingo in the Morning Binnorie Binnorie (Two Sisters) Bird in a Cage Bird in the Bush Birken Tree Birks of Aberfeldie Birmingham Boys Birmingham Lads Birmingham Sunday Bitter Withy Black-Eyed Mary Black-Eyed Susan Black-Eyed Susie Blackberry Grove Blackfly Song Blackjack Davey Blackleg Miners Blacksmith Blacksmith Courted Me Blackwaterside Black Ball Line Black Betty Black Boxes Black Cavalry Black Chimney Sweeper Black Cook Black Fox Black is the Color of My True Loves Hair (1) Black is the Colour (2) Black Jack Davey Black Joke Black Rock Pork Black Sheep Black Susie Black Velvet Band Black Waters Black Water Side Blantyre Explosion Blarismoor Tragedy Blarney Roses Blessed Quietness Bless em All Blinded By Shit Blind Beggars Daughter Blind Childs Prayer Blind Fiddler Blood-Strained Banders Bloody Waterloo Blood on the Saddle Blood Red Roses Blooming Caroline of Edinburgh Blow Away the Morning Dew Blow the Candles Out Blow the Man Down Blow the Wind Southerly Blow Ye Winds (3) Blow Ye Winds in the Morning Blue-Eyed Girl Blue-Eyed Lover Blue-Tail Fly Bluebeard Bluey Brink Blue Bells of Scotland Blue Bottle Blue Diamond Mines Blue Monday Blue Mountain Blue Mountain Lake Blythe Was She Boars Head Carol Boatie Row Boating on a Bullhead Boatman Boatman (round) Bogies Bonnie Belle Bogle Bo (or Bugaboo) Bold Archer Bold Archie Bold Belfast Shoemaker Bold Black and Tan Bold Deserter Bold Dickie Bold Fisherman Bold General Wolfe Bold Mac Carteney (City of Baltimore) Bold Manning Bold Navigators (The Navvies) Bold Northwestern Man Bold Princess Royal Bold Privateer Bold Reynard Bold Riley Bold Robert Emmet Bold Robinson Bold Robin Hood and the Pedlar Bold Robin Hood and the Three Squires Bold Soldier Bold Thady Quil Bold Trellitee Boll Weevil Bologna Boney Boneys Defeat Bonie Lass of Albani Bonie Lesley Bonnet of Blue Bonnie Annie Bonnie Black Bess Bonnie Black Hare Bonnie Broom (Questions) Bonnie Dundee Bonnie George Campbell Bonnie Hoose o Airlie Bonnie Jeannie o Bethelnie Bonnie Lassie-O (The Shearings Nae for You) 2 Bonnie Lass Among the Heather Bonnie Lass of Anglesey Bonnie Lass of Fenario Bonnie Susie Cleland Bonny at Morn Bonny Baby Livingston Bonny Blue Flag Bonny Boy Bonny Bunch of Roses-O Bonny Earl of Murray Bonny Eloise Bonny Glen Shee Bonny Labouring Boy Bonny Labouring Boy (2) Bonny Leslie Bonny Light Horseman Bonny Lizie Baillie Bonny Portmore Bonny Ship the Diamond Bonny Wee Thing Bonny Wee Window Bonny Young Irish Boy Bonny Ythanside Bony on the Isle of St.… continue reading »

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Les modèles parlent plusieurs langues mais les langues les plus répandues sont l'anglais, le français et l'espagnol, indiqué sur chaque vignette du modèle ou la page d'information dédiée de ce dernier.… continue reading »

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